Creating a VA

Who would be interested in helping me create a North American VA?

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Can you give more information such as what airline you want to create?

Allegiant air

If you have a VA and have submitted it and the IFVARB has given you the clear, or however it goes.

Idk how the process is. I think if you’re awaiting review or something

You can post a thread there with everything about your VA. And get staff and only staff for the VA that way:)

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I need staff the help me create routes and stuff

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Make sure to read all the rules about making a VA and if someone hasn’t already taken the VA you want to make on the IFVARB website.

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Take a look at the process here:

And this here:

Creating a VA IFVARB


Allegiant is already taken by @Jake_Seitz


Over my dead body. That’s my VA.


Tell him @Altaria55. Defend your property. BTW Misha was flying a Avianca 788 earlier. Pm me for a photo of you want.


Ok sorry😐
Didnt knew it already existed

There are a number of useful threads linked above. Do take a look :)