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So, I am currently still trust level TL1. But when I get to trust level TL2 I want to start my own VA. I have a question though: how can I get my hands on a route network for the existing real-world airline. I have found a map but I ideally would want a way of seeing all the routes and hubs in a format that is easier to read so I can input that into my network database. How would I do that? of course I can’t post in the #VA category so not sure where to put this.

Well I don’t know how but the best way that I find easy search where the airline flys to

FR24 (Flightradar24) it’s an app you can download it’s free, punch in the airline you want and it’ll give you routes.

You can go into your chosen airline’s website, they usually provide a route map there. For example Emirates helped me a lot with their route Map when I was panning my event.

Ok, I’ll try FR24. Thanks!

You can also try Flight connections this Website shows you all the destination of all airlines. It is the best app when it comes to searching destinations of airlines.
e.g. Emirates

This is actually a booking Website but I use it for this purpose.

Annoyingly there’s often no simple way of getting all an airline’s routes. In many cases, it just involves going manually through their route map and searching flight numbers on FR24.

There is a website - - that allows you to buy a list of airline schedules that can easily be imported into various crew centres, but it is quite expensive.

Good luck with your VA!

Thanks guys! Think I’m getting somewhere!

Hey Speedbird! There are Wikipedia paged of airlines that tell the destinations the airline flies to. Most of the airlines have this Wikipedia page. In Wikipedia, just type "List of insert airline here destinations and you will get it.
For example, List of IndiGo destinations - Wikipedia

Have a good day :)

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Thanks! I’ll give that a go too!

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