Creating a Timelapse of Replay

I want to create a timlapse video of my flight, how do I proceed?

  1. Its possible because people like to change the boring environment into something cooler… etc.

  2. You cannot do this in-app. However, you could use a 3rd party app for this.

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I want to do it using iMovie, how do I transform it into a video file?

I think you can save it to IPhotos… not sure.

Use a screen recorder. If you have an IPhone, they have a in-built version

I haven’t downloaded a replay video yet but I’m pretty sure it would already be in a video format like mp4 etc…

If not, there are many “converter” sites online

Um, it was an 8 hour flight. I won’t record my screen for 8 hours.


Never mind. You can save it to files.

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Yes, and then?

Once you have the file, just import it

I can’t because in iMovie you can only import files from the photos.

Transfer the file from your phone using Google Drive etc. Get on your laptop / computer and download the file you uploaded on Google Drive, then save it to photos / the needed location.

Well, disregard. Can’t seem to figure out how to get it into iMovie.

I’m using an ipad

Yea you can save the file and just upload it to Google Drive using the app. That’s how I transfer large files from my phone to my computer

The file is an Infinite Flight file.

Still try to transfer it, then convert it on your computer to an MP4 or mov etc.

I don’t know how to convert it.

Search up something like “convert file to mp4 online”. There’s quite a lot of sites

What’s mp4?