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Does anyone have a minute. This is a question I have always wondered but dint not ask. I hardly Creat a Topic. I see in some threads, weather is a VA Thread or Events thread ect… I can’t see to figure out how, for example when they can make a picture small and place it at the left hand side of the Conner. Because when I upload a picture it just comes in one size. Is their any tetorial for this. If their has been a topic like this and I have not seen it, kindly close the topic and give me a link to the previous one :)


Hi there, no problem at all, When you upload your picture, there will be a format, for example
[image|690x386] which will be followed by a long link of your image. You can edit the numbers (The ones in bold) to adjust the size of your image. To move it, you just select the text and move it (copy and paste) where you want it, unfortunately, you cannot move it like in most places where you just drag, it has to be pasted as a text, so if I wanted my image at the top of my page, I would move the format to the beginning of my text, at the bottom of my page I would paste the text there.
Hope this helped.
Happy Landings!


Thanks @Josh_Tomaz, It really helped. Hopefully I’ll understand this soon enough… Thanks for taking your time off your buisy schedule.
Happy Landings!


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No problem at all, If you require more help, don’t hesitate to drop me a DM.


You can also check out this for a little help with some other things


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