Creating a table

I checked, but it didn’t work. I am in desperate need of a table for my event, but my format didn’t work. Can someone help me?
Event-[ This Weekend! ] 30MAY20 / 1600Z A Tribute to the Mexican Airlines! Huge Mexico City Flyout! @MMMX

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That is the format

Then put info in like this

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That’s what I did , but it doesn’t look like other tables in events for some reason.

Do you have any spaces?

Like in between each row? No

Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot&Wave

It should look like that

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Got you. I’ll change it and see if it gets better. Thanks for the help!

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Yea make sure there are no spaces in between rows and this stuff

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You might also want to put this at the beginning of your thread to make it look better (optional)

<div align=Center

Then add a > to the end of that

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Take a look at this topic. It helps me a lot! All the basic coding for the forum!

An updated version of the thread @PlaneStyle has attached:


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