Creating a phpVMS Crew Center - Part Two - Uploading and Installing

That looks like the database details is wrong, you’ve might added a space


That’s what I’d done the first couple times, which I fixed but it still wouldn’t work.

Disregard that, I didn’t replace the localhost…

Now I’m stuck on adding my routes. I imported the CSV file and I now have these… errors?

Did you forget to add the information for the airports themselves?

In the CSV file?

Not in the routes CSV. You’ll need to add airport data from a separate CSV

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Oh, I didn’t even know you could do that. I’ll try doing that, thanks!

This is the page I get when opening my site for the first time, not a link to phpVMS.

what do i do?


My “htdocs” folder

You’ve placed the files inside the phpVMS folder inside htdocs, they should be straight in htdocs.

I’m having the same problem… must I unfold all the files? @KaiM

It is actually like this…

That looks correct to me, just make sure there’s 2 php files inside htdocs.

I had to start from 0 and do it again and I made it!!!
But, now, my trouble is costuming the skin… I can’t downloadload FireCrew3

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Try to do it without the plugin manager.

Without the plug in manager? How that? I didn’t understand…

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You need to place the files as structured in your root phpVMS. eg: a folder named skin, upload the content inside that folder to your Website in that directory. Sorry if it’s not explaned well.

It’s a bit confusing for me but I think I can understand what you said…

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