Creating a phpVMS Crew Center - Part Two - Uploading and Installing

Hi All,

Due to popular demand as I am no longer making Crew Centers for people I have decided to create this series to show you all how to make a Crew Center powered by the simpilot version of phpVMS. Please note that to make this series work you will need a computer that can have one program installed.

Here is the previous part:

In this part of the series, I’ll be walking you through installing FileZilla, the best FTP Client, uploading phpVMS and installing it through the super easy installer.

Step Zero
Before you start make sure you have done what I already outlined in part one, go through all that as it is shown.

Step One
If you did the head start in the part one, you can skip this step
First, you need to download and install the FileZilla FTP client from this site. The download is 100% safe but from memory it asks you to install a bunch of antiviruses. Don’t.

Step Two
Next, you will need to download my customized version of the simpilot version of phpVMS. You can download it from here:

Choose the latest release and download the zip folder not labelled as source code. Once downloaded, unzip the folder.

Step Three
Next we need to upload the files to the server.
Allow at least an hour for this step, during which time you must be constantly connected to the internet and your computer must be on.
First, open up FileZilla and Once logged into InfinityFree, go to the dashboard for your hosting account and look for the FTP Details. This is the information FileZilla needs to upload phpVMS. The host will always be and the port will always be 21. The other details are specific to your account. Enter the information into the top bar of FileZilla (you’ll need to click show to view the password) and click Quickconnect.

Navigate into the htdocs folder on the right, and to the location of the extracted phpVMS files on the right. Select all the phpVMS files, including folders, by holding down Ctrl or Cmd if you’re a Mac user and clicking on each file and folder. Then drag them all over to the right side of the window. You will see the queue pop up in the lower part of the screen.
You must leave your computer on and connected to the internet while the files are uploading. You may do other things on your computer during this time.

If you encounter a duplicate file error such as this one, select the options I’ve highlighted the click OK. Its just a little glitch with FileZilla trying to upload the same file twice.

Step Four
Next we need to change the PHP version of our site so that phpVMS will work. Go into the cPanel via the hosting account dashboard, then scroll down to the software section and click on Select PHP Version.

Choose your domain in the dropdown (it should already be selected unless you’ve set up another domain) and click Choose PHP Version. Select PHP 5.6 in the dropdown then click Change PHP Version. It may take some time to update, so go make yourself some tea or coffee or just do something that’ll fill 1-2 minutes.

Step Five
Good tea? Great. Now comes the fun part. Go to your domain (web address) and you should see this error.

If you see other errors as well, wait another 2 or so minutes to let the PHP Version change then refresh the page. If not, click on the install/install.php link and you can be presented with one of two screens. One is this error screen with one or more of the boxes red.

If the top one is red, your PHP version still hasn’t changed. Maybe go make yourself a snack. If one of the lower boxes is red, there’s been an error while uploading, you may want to try deleting then reuploading the core folder and if that doesn’t work, do the same with the lib folder.
The other screen you could get is this one, which means everything has been successful and you can proceed to finish the install.

Now, go back into the Cpanel, click the 9 squares in the top left corner then go into MySQL Databases. Find the DB Name, and put this in the Database Name field. Find the MySQL Username and put it in the Database Username field. Then get the MySQL Host Name and replace localhost with it in the Database Server field. Leave the Website URL field as-is, and put your FTP (FileZilla) password in the Database Password field (this can be found in the hosting account dashboard). You can leave the prefix as-is too. Change the Database Type to MySQL. Then click next step.
If you get this screen, its a success. Click Continue to the next step.

You will be presented with this page.

Enter the requsted details, then click Finish!

Step Five
You’ll be presented with the default phpVMS screen.

And that’s it! phpVMS is now installed. Log back into the FTP (you can log in quickly by clicking the dropdown next to quickconnect and selecting your account, in FileZilla). Now delete the install folder, as having it is a security risk. And you’re done.

Head Start Step
To get a head start on the next post, log in with the details you made in the last install step.

That's all folks!

Thanks for making it this far, and keep an eye out for the next post where I'll be explaining how to install the sleek-looking CrewCenter skin. That's all for now.



Thanks @Velocity23 Now I’ll begin

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@Velocity23 Every time I try going to the website, it redirects me to a spam site. How to fix that?

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When did you set up the domain?

Yesterday when you sent the first one

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Wait 48 hours, the domain often takes time to be visible everywhere.

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What if we don’t see the Error Not Downloaded message but the Your Website Is Ready message instead?

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Sorry I’m not sure what you mean. Make sure you’ve uploaded the files inside the htdocs folder and that your files are not in a phpVMS folder within htdocs, just straight into htdocs.

I did. I uploaded everything, and when I go to the Website Look what it says

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Can you send a screenshot from FileZilla?

I’ll continue this in a PM with you.

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Oops, I didn’t see we had to select them all manually and not all in a group together in a file. I’ll try again

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@Velocity23 What to do if i see this?

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@Starz the first few times I did it, I got that message. That means that some info has not been entered properly. Switch around a few of the names and what not, and you should be good 👍

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Solved by @Infinite_Flight_Sims. Thanks again!


@Velocity23 When will Part 3 Come out?

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waits for part 3

Is it almost done?

Yep just about. You can grab the skin off my GitHub and get a head start if you want

yay thanks. a week of annoying you to death finally pays off

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I’ve just run into an issue with the CC I’ve been using as an example. Troubleshooting now but should be out soon nevertheless.