Creating a phpVMS Crew Center - Part Three - Skinning

Hi All,

Due to popular demand as I am no longer making Crew Centers for people I have decided to create this series to show you all how to make a Crew Center powered by the simpilot version of phpVMS. Please note that to make this series work you will need a computer that can have one program installed.

Here are the previous parts:

Step Zero
Before you start, make sure you’ve completed all of parts 1 and 2 and your site is not showing any errors.

Step One
First of all, you need to download my modified version of the CrewCenter phpVMS Skins. For all you techeads out there (you know who you are) it’s based off AdminLTE. To download this version of the skin, go to the below link and download the Release ZIP file (not the source code) for the latest release.

Do not unzip this file.

Step Two
Now, go into your Crew Center then into the admin panel like so:

Then go into Plugin Manager under addons in the admin panel.

Select Upload Plugin

Ignore the thread() error, it goes away eventually. Now upload the CrewCenter ZIP folder. Once you get the success message ‘Your plugin file was uploaded and unpacked.’ head back to Plugins Home (top left corner). You should now see this page. Click Install Plugin.

This will take some time, but as long as you see this at the end you’re fine.

Step Three
Now we need to activate the skin. To do this go to Site & Settings > General Settings in the admin panel. Find the Current Skin option and change it to crewcenter. Then click Save Settings.
Now if you go back out of the Admin Panel you should see a lovely new interface.

Step Four
Now you need to customize this interface to suit your VA. Go into FileZilla, connect to your site’s FTP server then navigate to htdocs > lib > skins > crewcenter and find app_top.php. Right click on it and select View/Edit. This will open this file in your text editor. There’s just one thing we need to change. On line 17 (<div class="hold-transition skin-blue sidebar-mini">) change blue to the desired color for your VA. Note not all colors work. So far I’ve found red, blue, green, black, white and yellow to be the ones that work, but let me know if you find another.

And that’s it! There’s not even a head start step because the next tutorial is super simple. Thanks for making it this far and see you in the skies!


PS- Thanks to @CR3W and the team at Finnair Virtual for letting me use their CC as an example. Go check them out.


Hi, just one question, how do you get to that phpvms page in question #2? As it’s been days, I’ve closed the window.

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2 weeks straight of annoying you to death final pays off. Thanks @KaiM


Go to the domain you chose in part one. Or you may have uploaded it wrong, make sure the files are straight into the htdocs folder and not in a phpVMS folder or something.


For me this was on line 9. Is this normal?

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Nah it shouldn’t

I have a question: When you made the CC for Norwegian, what code did you use to Get the ranks work?

I am only good at html and CSS and a tiny bit at JavaScript

(The color thing didn’t work tho)

The ranks and stuff are made in the Administration Panel. If you need help, shoot me a PM, i’ll be glad to assist you

@KaiM, when does the next part come out?

Do you know what colours DO work so I can test I am doing it right?

Edit: Nvm I can’t read

I can’t seem to get other colours to work, is there any common issues that pop up regarding this?

I can’t get them to work either. Weird. Let’s wait and see what Velocity says

You may need to clear your cache or run location.reload(true) in your console to make sure it hasn’t cached the wrong thing.

I’ll give that a red hot go

Hello ! Is PhpVms free of cost???

Yes, phpVMS is free.

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Ok TY :-). Now I should learn about it to make a crew center

No problem. If you need help, send me a PM, I’d be glad to assist you.

So I am just testing with red just to see if it actually works first…

Then I get this:

I assume I select the check box and it sorts itself out. Then I go back to the crew centre and it’s still blue, do I need to re-upload the skin or something else. And where could I find the the terminal in Visual Studio Code? Do I need to start a PHP debug?

My bad wording, you need to click yes and it will update

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Still nothing happening…