Creating a phpVMS Crew Center - Part One - Setting up Hosting

Hi All,

Due to popular demand as I am no longer making Crew Centers for people I have decided to create this series to show you all how to make a Crew Center powered by the simpilot version of phpVMS. Please note that to make this series work you will need a computer that can have one program installed.

In this part of the series, I’ll be walking you through setting up hosting with, which is 100% free.

Step One
The first step is to sign up to InfinityFree. To do this, go to and enter your details. Once you’re all successfully signed up, move onto the next step.

Step Two
Next, you need to set up a hosting account. Account is a bit of a misnomer, but I can’t thing of a better term so lets leave it at that. Anyway, from the dashboard, click new account.

Enter your desired domain (web address) without the part (I recommend changing it from epizy to rf gd as it just looks more professional). When you get to the Additional Information screen, you can change the description if you please, but I cannot stress enough; do not choose your own password. This is simply because the auto-generated ones are far more secure meaning your CC cannot be hacked as easily. The first password every hacker tries is passwords then 123456 so be secure!

Complete the reCAPTCHA then click Create Account.

Step Three
Next, we need to set up the database for phpVMS. To do this, we need to go into the control panel. From the account homepage, select your newly created hosting account. It should be labelled epiz_somenumbers. Then click on the control panel button like so.

After some loading time you will be presented with a screen asking you to approve of emails being sent to you. I can assure you InfinityFree do not send many email (<1 per week) so you’re not going to get spammed, so agree.
Once you’re in the Control Panel, select MySQL Databases (you may need to scroll down a bit).

Then, input your desired database name (phpvms will do) in the new database box the click Create Database.

Your database is now set up.

That's all folks!

That’s it for part one. Part two will include uploading and installing phpVMS. To get a head start on this, download and install FileZilla. You will need this program to upload the phpVMS files to the server.



Awesome tutorial. Will definitely use this for the future


Thank you very much for this fantastic tutorial, it’s appreciated! I’m sure this will help a lot of upcoming VAs to get there crew center up and running.


Other than FireZilla, do you know any web based FTP servers that I can use? I don’t have a Windows or Mac

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They do exist. Indeed InfinityFree provides one, but you still need a computer to do other things like download and extract ZIP folders, etc

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I’ve found FileZilla to be the best one. The one that comes with cPanel (the hosting software that InfinityFree uses) doesn’t support folder uploading so it’s really annoying to use.

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Alright. Now to dig out my old PC from 5 years ago.

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Anything will run it, but make sure it can connect to the internet fairly decently as you’ll need to upload 1400+ files.

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Oh my. Okay

It takes about 10-12 minutes. Most are small files.

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@Velocity23 If I get an emulator (idk if it’s the right word) to do it on my chrome book, will it still work?

Thanks for the tutorial! Considering making a CC for my VO. If I do, this will help a lot!

Not in my experience. My uploads can take anywhere up to an hour.

It should. Let me know, I’m not sure.

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Oh wow. It probably just depends on internet speeds.

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Thank you @Velocity23 for this amazing tutorial. This will become extremely handy for future VA CEO’s to assist in creating their own CC.


@Velocity23, when can we expect part two :)?

Already out! See here:


ok so I didn’t use the emulator thing I found the online FTP the cPanel provides works perfectly

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for upload the information which one is the correct? Client? @Velocity23

I’m not sure what you mean.