Creating a phpVMS Crew Center - Part Four - Installing AIRMail

Hi All,

Due to popular demand as I am no longer making Crew Centers for people I have decided to create this series to show you all how to make a Crew Center powered by the simpilot version of phpVMS. Please note that to make this series work you will need a computer that can have one program installed.

Here are the previous parts:

In this part of the series I’ll be showing you how to install AIRMail using the Plugin Manager that comes pre-installed with my version of phpVMS.

Step Zero
First, you’ll need to have completed all previous parts for this to work.

Section One: Simpilot Addons Direct from GitHub

Step One
First, navigate to your site and go into the admin panel. Then go into Addons > Plugin Manager. Then on the sidebar, choose Upload Plugin. You should be presented with a screen like this.

*If you’re given a fread() error, don’t worry, its a known and basically unfixable bug. If you get this error, you won’t be able to make this work :(

Step Two
We’re going to be installing the Simpilotgroup Event Booking 2.x (php) module, so its as simple as click on that link, and upon getting a success message clicking plugins home on the sidebar then next to Event Booking clicking install.

As long as you get this message, the installation has been a success!

Step Three
Now, open up FileZilla and connect to your site. Then navigate into htdocs/lib/skins/crewcenter and right click and select View/Edit on app_top.php. Then look for this line - <?php if(PilotGroups::group_has_perm(Auth::$usergroups, ACCESS_ADMIN)) { echo ' (should be around line 205). Then find this section (above it):
And change to this:
Note the change in url, icon class and span text. These will differ depending on plugins so I’ve made up a little wiki for you as to what to use for different plugins

Plugin URL Icon Span Text
Events /events fa fa-calendar Events
AIRMail /Mail fa fa-envelope AIRMail
Screenshot Center /screenshots fa fa-image Screenshots
Credits /credits fa fa-user Credits

Top Pilots and Touchdown Stats are not compatible with my IF Version of phpVMS
Note also if you are adding a second, third, fourth, etc plugin you will need to copy and paste the following lines below the original then change the newly pasted lines.

Step Four
Now save the file (Ctrl + S on Windows or Cmd + S on Mac) then go back into FileZilla. You will notice the following alert box.
Choose Yes then allow the file to upload. Once finished, go back to your Crew Center main page and you will see a new item has been added to the menu in place of downloads, which does not work very well anyway.

To add events, its in the admin panel under addons > events. Note hitting enter will not work in the event description to add a new line, you need to use full HTML so use <br /> to make a new line.


wait where is the logo tutorial o.o

and thanks for the tutorial, did similar steps and worked nice with my FireCrew V3.


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