Creating a phpVMS Crew Center - Part 3.1 - Skinning - FireCrewV3

Hi All,

Due to popular demand as @KaiM is no longer making Crew Centers for people, they have decided to create this series to show you all how to make a Crew Center powered by the simpilot version of phpVMS. Please note that to make this series work you will need a computer that can have one program installed.

Here are the previous parts by Velocity:

Tutorial Summary:

This tutorial will teach you how to add a custom skin to your Crew Center. Some parts of this are editable to your needs. In the end, you will have a nice and smooth Crew Center.

End Result

Login Page:


Password Reset:
Dashboard (Admin Panel for Admins Only):

PIREP Filing Center:

Step 1: Go to, and log in.

Step 2: Click on the account you have phpVMS installed on, and click File Manager. You should be greeted with this.

(Not the iCrew thing, that’s something i’m testing for a future tutorial)

Step 3: Click on htdocs. Looks familiar, right? That’s because what your using is the online version of Filezilla. This is very helpful if you have a computer unable to download an app.

Step 4: Go to the link attached, and download the ZIP. DO NOT UNZIP IT.

Step 5: Go into htdocs, then lib, then skins.

Step 6: Go back into the File Manager, and Click on this button in the bottom left.

Then, Click Upload ZIP.


And Select the ZIP File.

It’s going to ask you this, select Upload and Unzip.


Step 7: Exit out of the file, and go to htdocs/core/local.config.php, and click the small downwards arrow, then edit.


Step 8: After opening the Code Editor, make no mistakes, or you can lose your crew center forever.

Go to Line 30, and click Enter 3 times. This will make a new line 31, 32 and 33. Then copy the following code into lines 32-33.

Config::Set(‘CLOSE_BIDS_AFTER_EXPIRE’, true);

Config::Set(‘BID_EXPIRE_TIME’, ‘48’);

Step 9: Click Save, Close, then go to htdocs/lib/skins/FireCrew3.

Step 10: Open the Code Editor for registration_mainform.php, and from lines 43 to 66, you will see it says Quality 1, 2 and Requirements. Fill out the little instruction with what it is asking for, and it should work.

Step 11: That should be it. Me and @KaiM are continuing development on this project since the original maker Parth Parth has ended support for it, so if any issues arise, please alert us ASAP.

Head Start: Get familiar with the Online File Manager as that is what I use for my tutorials.

Thanks to Aloha VA for allowing us to use them as a demo.

Demo CC:

Password: Demo101



Hey I seem to get this when I go to my website:

Interesting. Shoot me a PM and i’ll be glad to troubleshoot.

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Nope all fixed!

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