Creating a new VA or VO

Hey guys, I was thinking about creating a new VA or VO. But idk what to name, or which airline. Can anyone give suggestions? Please would really appreciate it

You can try Asiana Virtual.

You can also check for VAs that haven’t been made.


You can see all of the Names and airlines that are currently active in a VA or VO here:

Hey there,
Sounds cool that you want to create a VA. But you need TL2 to be a CEO of a VA/VO.
Let me tell you the steps for creating a VA:

Step 1: be TL2 on the IFC

Step 2: go to and look for an airline that hasn’t been made a VA yet

Step 3: prepare yourself for the application for your VA to be reserved

Step 4: prepare for approval

This may all sound easy, but it’s very hard as you need a website and a lot more.
If you really would like to create a VA right now, ask someone who is TL2 if he/she would like to help you.

Good luck :)


of course, I’ve even asked people how hard it is

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