Creating a New Account With Pre-Existing Account on Device.

So, after awhile of not being on IF, I came back today and opened the app. I want to get a new subscription, on a new account, but when I try to do so, it says it’s found my old account and wants me to renew my subscription on that account. I dont want to do this, I’m wanting to create a new account and start fresh, but how do I do that? Signing in through Facebook or Gmail won’t work because it says no account is registered. How do I create a new account, so I don’t have to use my old one?


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I from what I’ve read am thinking that you may need to create a new account via Google or Facebook or use an account you have that is in no way associated with IF

Or you can press not me (if there’s such an option) and use another account

I tried looking for a different account, but there isn’t an option to do so in Infinite Flight. If you want to start off fresh, you may use your Facebook or Google account that has not associated with Infinite Flight before.

I hope this helps.

Can you explain a little further on what is the problem? Perhaps a screenshot would do?

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