Creating a Live Event

Hi guys! It may sound like an obvious question, but I was planning on creating my first Live Server Event. I am not new on IF, I am here since June 2020, but I was wondering if I have to be an IFATC to manage this type of event or not. Thanks to everyone who can clarify my doubts! Nice flights =)

Anyone can create an event!

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Read @Tsumia’s post. But don’t try to get IFATC at your event :)

Read topic above

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Thanks for clarifying!

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I don’t think the intention is to get IFATC coverage in an event at all, judging by the context of the main post.

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But Im just saying something before he creates an event (a super mega pro tip)

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Okay, thanks! I was not saying about requesting IFATC to Tyler, just asking if I needed to be an IFATC to manage my event. Anyway, thanks you both for clarifying! It helped me a lot! Nice flights! =)

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Hello @TheGynSpotter,

Here is a link to an extremely helpful guide that may bring your prospective event thread to a very high quality:

This thread has helped to improve many users’ live events and I hope that it will help yours to be the best it can be. 👍


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