Creating a forum subcategory for practicing atc

This seems to be a touchy topic with a few admins/moderators etc. The issue is not to confuse the participants and give the impression that the advanced atc is qualified to promote them.
If a separate subcategory could be created that would clear up any confusion. I think any current advanced atc controller is qualified to give tips and or pointers for wannabe controllers. This is a win win for all involved. The handful of qualified testers will be saved from doing a practical for a unqualified controller.
This is just an idea but I believe it is an opportunity to make a positive impact on somebody.
In short-a place where a person can go and ask for an advanced controller to do some pattern work while they work controller in the playground. Everybody controls air traffic differently but the basics are the same with everyone.


Like your idea @mhhodges76! I have a thread called ATC practice and people participate there! I had a go at filtering a bit but an ATC section would be useful! But one step at a time! The debs can only do so much! Let’s get the update first and then think about a second subcategory! But solid idea!

Is the post pinned? I haven’t noticed it.

Advanced controllers could give tips and pointers in the tutorials section.

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No it’s only an event thread! I can’t pin it as my trust level isn’t high enough! I’m only at member level so ya! Feel free to participate though!