Creating a Flightplan Before Flight

You may think this is the same as this.

But it’s not, it’s much more than that, and different

First you would select your departing airport, obviously.
And after you would select your aircraft.
After completing the above steps, a world map would show up and you would be able to create your own flightplan, using waypoints, like in real life, making it more complex.
Next would be fuel settings.
The automatic when you come to the fuel plan would be how much fuel your flightplan requires, taking into account your aircraft. If your flightplan exceeds your aircraft’s range, it will warn you, before you begin your flight.

This is all for when global comes.

Put your ideas down on how this can be altered.

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From reading the other Global threads, I believe something very similar to this is their intention and what will be implemented. May operate slightly different, but it will have these capabilities. Whether or not it happens before or after you spawn, I’d assume the devs have already decided & implemented it into their testing phase.


I’m just think of the fun times I’ll have flying my 172 across the Pacific Ocean and trying to make it to Honolulu from Sydney, before continuing on to Los Angeles.


What if we want to do pattern work in a GA aircraft?

Put in as much or as little fuel as you want

You put in as much fuel as you want, and maybe a no flightplan option.

what you have described is exactly the same as this website here :

only difference is you cant import direct into IF yet. Now if a way could be found how to do this…