Creating a flight plan?

When I start to create a flight plan, as soon as I touch the starting airport or runway the options on the right are greyed out and I can’t add any waypoints. Please let me know what I am forgetting in order to begin to create a flight plan.
Thanks, Howard

You need to highlight a waypoint or airfield away from your starting airfield. You can’t fly to where you already are! :)

You need to click to direct button fist then add it to the FP

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You have to first tap the airport you are starting from and tap the arrow icon, you then tap your waypoints (one at a time) and tap the Add to FPL ICON. Hope this helps.

Flight plans help this game become as realistic as possible this is why I created this website with flight plans available to use in Infinte Flight
Hope this helps!

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Thanks a lot guys for the help.

I have looked at your flight plans before I saw this and I just want to suggest for more FP to n Southern California. It hast to be the most flown region in sim. I would like to see more there :wink:


Okay cool @Owen_Lewis, send me a formal reply on the contact form on the website and i will add some more plans where you have suggested

Is it possible to input a flight plan into the aircraft autopilot and if how?