Creating a Feature Request

This is needed, but realistically I don’t expect someone to write a 5 paragraph essay explaining the plane’s specifications.

What I expect from a feature request is a short 3-4 sentence paragraph explaining why you believe this aircraft/livery should be added into Infinite Flight.

Truthfully, I haven’t done that in the past, but I’m going to change that.


I would agree; however, mods and/or staff have asked for liveries to have their own separate threads for the same aircraft. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Thank you tane! Maybe at a future point the devs and mods can add a template to feature and support, as we have to ask, and ask for some more info. 👍🏼

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Well let’s see…
All the livery have most likely been requested, many fo the future aircraft e.g. MD11/DC 10. The 787 rework was requested by myself. With the new upvote system it is even easier for FDS to see. Trust me - they listen.


Many, many, many #features requested here have been seen by the developers and have been implemented.

Some examples include: Fuel burn, global flight, Boeing 787 family, a few new ATC commands, and a plethora of liveries. There’s many more but that will take me a while to list. Skim through the #features requests and I guarantee you’ll find more that have been added by FDS.

This is what the #features category was made for anyways. The developers want your ideas to make the simulator better. :)

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I like this thread, but I don’t think people should have to list all the specifications of the plane. Maybe just list some basic facts about the plane and its status in the airlines fleet.


Yeah - I don’t mean for it to have specifications and all :)

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