Creating a Feature Request

Hey all! Lately I have been noticing some, how you say ‘bland’ feature requests. These are feature requests with not much at all but a link.

I’m not sure that you have noticed - but I definitely have. Here are a few examples:

As you see these are just pretty much photos with a link.

This is what we don’t want.
We (as a community) would really appreciate it if more - if not all - feature requests looked a little more like this:

The point that I’m making is that our community is lacking in great feature requests.

Here I will show you what makes a good feature request:

First: A link and a photo. A request without a picture is like a bear without honey (subject to change 😂)

Include a photo. A good photo.

I will be making a request about the Emirates 777.

A bad photo:


A great photo:


The difference? Well slightly obvious. The first photo you can barely see what the livery looks like on the plane - nor the plane itself for that fact. The second one however - you can clearly see the full livery and it looks really nice, which is what we are going for. Also as a last thing - there can not be more than one image per feature request. The picture is now out of the way!


(Almost forgot)
'You should always remember a link. Also giving credits to the photographer. Exception if you took the photo. If your link is reeeeaaaly long then you can easily shorten like this:


The way to do that is -Bracket - what ever word you want - Bracket Parenthesi the link to the photo parenthesi

We would like to recommend you to take the links from the original source. Not from the Google as it has long links. Lastly, don’t forget to credit the effort or the hard work of the author.

Title and Category

I know this should be before anything but…

To post in #features category you need to be TL2 (Trust Level 2). The way you can get there is just by reading, posting in healthy manner and generally visiting the community.

Please do not try to find ways around these requirements, just stick to them.

However if you are TL2 and above post the request in #features . The title is next up.

Bad Title

please can u add the Emirates plane

(Now that’s a horrible title)

Good Title

Emirates Boeing 777-300ER

Massive difference between them - and if you post like the first one then “Bye Bye Feature Request”. It would be easier to track your title if your title is specific. Thus reducing duplicates. Always remember that a good title uses Capital letters.


The most important part - the main section of text.

Bad Body:

Plese can the devs add the Emirates because I really love it Thankyou so much XOXO😘

Good Body (This’ll take a while)

In my opinion the Emirates Livery really suites the Boeing 777-300ER. Also since Emirates has lots of routes with the 777-300ER - so we can ‘mimic’ them while flying in Global.

Emirates has a whole page dedicated to the 777 and their airline. It can be found here:

Emirates is the largest operator of the Boeing 777-300ER!


Passenger capacity 3 class - 364 / 358 / 354
2 class - 427 / 442
Wingspan 212 feet 7 inches / 64.8 meters
Length 242 feet 4 inches / 73.9 meters
Height 61 feet 5 inches / 18.6 meters
Cabin width 19 feet 3 inches / 5.86 meters
Engines GE90-115BL1
Thrust 115,540 pounds
Maximum range 7,880 nautical miles / 14,594 kilometers
Cruising speed (Mach) 0.84
Cruising altitude 43,100 feet


Here’s a little Wikipedia article about the history of Emirates’ fleet.
Emirates fleet - Wikipedia


Something a few people forget - signing off is not really appropriate. As in when you finish a post you don’t need to sign off. People know your profile :)


Thanks for reading this (will make a wiki so regulars can edit any mistakes) I would really appreciate it if some people would thoroughly read this (the ones that need to know).

Once again thanks and goodnight from Aus!


Now if this does not fix the feature requests then I don’t know what will fix them!


Did you forgot this?

It had took it to a whole new level


Thank you so much Táné for doing this. I was going to do one but I couldn’t be bothered


Ah yes. I remember that one!

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Saved you the time and effort :)


That is so true :) 😂😂😂

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Honestly the ones you added as “Brilliant” as you say are actually bit too much for feature request. Keep in mind the ones you added as “Terrible” as you say are posted by people who aren’t fluent in English so you can’t complain that they aren’t a good feature. Please check your facts.


Oh sorry. Didn’t realise… 🙁

Also I didn’t really label any as ‘terrible’ or ‘brilliant’.

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I think they all speak English just fine, but I’m not sure. How do you know that? It’s not like he’s saying they’re terrible, he just says their “bland”, which I feel is correct. A little substance would be better than just a picture with a sentence on it.

That being said, maybe it would be better to just create your own “bland example” instead of using others threads. Regardless, I think this should be pinned.


Why do we need to write a 6 paragraph essay? A feature should be nice and simple. I do support the grammar and title part


That’s not what we’re asking for. I’m not asking for a research paper, just a little more detail.

What makes this plane special?
Why do you want it to be seen in Infinite Flight?
What year was it manufactured?
Is it still in operation?
Any interesting quirks of the aircraft?


Anyways, I can’t say that the one used is a bad photo. But it’s not specific enough for the request. I’m honestly fine with this rule but I meant, many people don’t like to write essays just because they are requesting a single small request. Many people are disgusted with this rule from behind the scenes. 1 Paragraph of explanation is more than enough to me. However, we do appreciate it if you want to write long explanation like examples above. Just my 2 cents

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Regarding the points here: if you’re really lazy you can go to Wikipedia and sort through the data and see which is relevant to the post.

It’s not too hard to see important points and try to justify why your plane should be added over some other plane (e.g. why should we have a TriStar over a DC-10?) Yes, I think the L-1011 is a much better plane than the DC-10/MD-11. However, I digress, the main point of a feature request is that you’re trying to sell your feature to others and to justify why they should use their limited votes on you.

See this for a short and informative post.



Always remember, we would love you to add more substance instead of a link or bad body. But I think it doesn’t have to be an essays. But if you can be more informative about the reason behind the request. It would make our community looks professional

  • Remember ! Professional doesn’t always mean an essay. But productive substance and informative body can be categorized as a professional request
  • Bad body in here means substance that isn’t informative and productive for a forum. Such as “I want this feature so badly. Please add this!”.
  • You might want to see @DeerCrusher 's feature as an example. Although it’s not too long compared to other examples above. But it’s more than productive and informative enough to be categorized as a professional looking request with good structure/template/format
    Beechcraft King Air 350i

And, if you want to request a feature. It would be appreciated if you mind to vote for it as it would be meaningless without your own contribution ;)


This post is very well composed!

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Every member is entitled to an opinion, That don’t mean it’s Gospel. Agree with the thrust of most of the arguments but I believe the spirit and intent of the IF Feature guidance is clear, the KISS principle applies. “A” Photo, a “brief” overview with stats, justification and Source Attributions. Brevity is Key! Max Sends


This is an excellent and much needed reminder to this that post under the #features category. I haven’t noticed over the months the rapid decline of quality the these sorts of requests. Hopefully people will look at the posts that you included as a great example to follow for their own requests. 😁 Again, great work!


MaxSuggests: The posting of the same Airliner model with different liveries is a waste of bandwidth, redundant, and a duplication". The FDS guidance should be modified to preclude this practice. (A DC-10 is a DC-10 no matter what pants it wears)!


You can’t ever have too much substance in a feature request

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