Creating a event and need help

I am wondering if someone can help me to make a event. I am TL2 but I am new to creating events on here. I have read what I need to make an event but just have trouble with formatting it.
Thanks heaps in advance…

Is it the format you are struggling with?

If so, this topic should help you:

If it’s the idea you’re struggling with, then just keep thinking and take some inspiration from some of the current/already created events in the #live:events category.

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Yeah it’s the formatting as I am using android and don’t have access to a computer.

That’s fine! I use IOS and it’s still very much compatible if you have the mobile version of the website selected.

It might be good for you to write it down and plan it out on paper using the format or on a notes app in your phone in order to plan it in ease. Also, it would help when you are finally writing it out on to the IFC where you can just copy it down to your topic.

How do I create a dropdown list?

Like the ones that they have for gate assignments and stuff like that

I’m up to help you. Let me know everything that you need help with

My PM box is always open

You click the little icon shown on this screen and then select hide details. :)

Ahh ok I’ll try that now

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Awesome thank you very very much guys.

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I am sure this thread will help you a lot 😉

I’m always up to help out as well if you need anything, but it can be hard to beat balloon.
Best of luck! :)

I have created my first event please let me know if I need to edit anything!!

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