Creating a digest flight guide (Takeoff/Climb/Descent/Live). Need your HELP!

I’m trying to put together some procedures like takeoff speeds, flaps-speeds, descent and landing to make flight easier. I used information from many sources, including this community, but I think there are still many things that need to be rectified. For all sim and real life pilots, I’m asking for your HELP to make this guide useful.
Here it is what I’ve got so far.

Thanks to everyone

P.S. I’ll do the doc’s formatting after everything is ready.


You are a genius! This is great! :)

About the switching to tower. I normally stay on ground until I am at the hold short line or at the line for the hold short. Because if ground wants me to hold position, It’s kind of hard if I’m not on there frequency.


This is amazing!

I can help. Pm me with info your miasing

Guys, check out the updated version of the guide. Please, help me to rectify wrong informations and procedures. If you know someone with flight knowledge, this is a good time to ask for help.
After everything is correct, i’ll make the final version to publish and help others pilots to fly.

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