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Hi, I’m not sure if this is a topic regarding support issues: while creating a topic on mobile iOS/ iPhone XS I have troubles to scroll down, especially when the topic exceeds the form boarder. All interactions are hidden behind the OS keyboard… anyone else with the same problem?

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I believe this is unfortunately just the reality of using the IFC on a mobile device. I know there’s a Discourse app, but I’m not sure if it works any better. Does anyone who uses the app know if it has the same problem?

Yes, the DiscourseHub app works fantastic! I’m writing on it right now in fact! You can find it in your device’s respective App Store.


I’m a bit confused actually. When you’re on mobile, you should be able to scroll just fine. Example:

But I do feel as if I’ve encountered the same issue in the past. It also looks like your keyboard is missing a section at the top that mine has. What iOS version are you on?

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Doesn’t work. All I can say. Using 13.5.1. guess this is the latest one… never heard about discourseapp I think I have to give it a try…

Hm. Weird. I’m on that version as well.

Maybe @Kirito_77 or someone else would be able to help you out. Kirito is a lot more techy than I ever will be lol.

Hopefully it all works out in the end though. I don’t have any experience with the “app” version of discourse so I really couldn’t say if it helps or not.


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I sometimes have the same issue with my iPhone 7. It’s a UX issue most likely. Make sure to report this in the official discourse community.

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This is actually an issue I’ve experienced on Android on the odd occasion, but that was caused by me running an ADB command to hide the navigation and status bar. As for iOS unfortunately I’m not so sure.

Which web browser were you using at the time @Black_Bird?

No issues with 13.5.1 or any OS before it… using Safari as well. Maybe the Discourse hub app (or whatever it’s called) is a good alternative if this problem is persisting.

Please try scrolling down the side, and not the text box, Like the corners of the square, thats how I do it, but i mostly use laptop or iPad

Y, I tried it out all ways. Doesn’t seem to work. I’m using safari. I guess it’s a problem related to discourse.

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