Create Tags for Support Topics (IFC Recommendation)

Hello IFC!

I’m making a request today for tags for support issues. Very similar to like with the events category.

Theses would consist of like:

  • Apple
  • Android
  • Crash
  • Bug
  • Account

This would help get more to the point when making a support topic.


This would certainly help with any confusion! Nice idea

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I could maybe see some tags being made like how tags were made for events and group flights. I dont know about adding a sub category but adding a tag in the title would be benificial, or maybe just having different title guidelines example:

Issue // device // IOS or update number etc…

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Tags is the correct working for it thanks @CPT_Colorado

Such a nice idea. I think that also we can add more tags like “crash” or “bug” tag

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Maybe a 3rd Party one aswell?

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Also “account” tag too. I find it useful too

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Adding it to the list!

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That would be a great idea!!!

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There is already a #thirdparty category for Third Party support, the #support category is for Infinite Flight App only

Edit: It’s a very good idea at all, good job Blake


Sorry completely spaced on that! Fixing it :)

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The reason behind tags and the cons of implementing your idea:

  • Track or find the tagged topics. For instance, the reason why we have #atcschedule is that someone can easily find the current or previous ATC Schedules, instead of searching the ATC category for hours.

  • We already have a support FAQ that covers everything a new user should know before posting a support topic. Based on that and the support template, a user must include specific information in their main post, such as operating system (iOS, Android), etc…

How are tags going to help us? What will the difference be if we include a tag with the name Android? These kind of topics are looked into case by case and our support guy, Seb, makes sure that all the issues have been solved. At the end of the day, if he doesn’t need tags to track those topics, why should they be included?


This will assist with people who have maybe more experience on a specific topic. It will give people more insight on the topic at hand prior to starting the conversation if not included in the OP which happens rather a lot.

If not included, how am I supposed to know the OP’s operating system or device model?

Precisely if we have a tag the operating system would be included but the model would still have to be given. This will partially help.

That’s what I am telling you. Instead of the tag, the OP should include everything in the main post. Tags will not solve that problem as they will rarely be used by new users. (Some of them don’t even post in the correct category, lol)


If you say it is Apple, most of apples operating system has been streamlined to be very similar so unless it is a old device and just can’t handle IF it would be a older device.

But maybe if they have the option to select something rather than type it out and likely forget including forgetting to add it to the correct category.

Just a idea

Same thing as with the events if you think about it. People include the servers in the op but the tags help.

Yes, but the tags are there to track those topics. For example, I visit the place where all the tags are located and once I press #expert, all the events taking place in the expert server are shown. Would it be the same with a Android tag? I don’t have anything personal with you, I am just posting my ideas and replying to your posts :)

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Yes I can 100% see your point! This brings me back to this.

Say a Apple user is trying to help a an android user and isn’t very helpful. If that person can follow the Apple tag and be able to help Apple users without an issue since he may know more about that os.