Create Multiple Flight Plans

I would like to suggest a feature that would allow you to make multiple routes on the same flight plan.

This would be mainly used too have different approach routes, say for example, of you’re cleared for a different runway than you were expecting, you would just be able to switch to you other plan, that you made before you took off or while in flight.

I think this would also be most useful for long haul flights where the weather may vary at your destination, this way you wouldn’t have to keep re-making you routes when the weather changes.

Anyway, what are your thoughts?

I like it I doubt it will be implemented but it would be really cool especially when your doing a flight and weather changes at destination


I also doubt it would be brought in, but I thought it was a cool idea.


You can just change your flight plan if you are approaching a different runway, can’t you? I see where you’re coming from with the idea, but it’s not that hard to change your flight plan in my opinion and if there is approach frequency you will be vectored to a specific runway anyway.


I think its better to keep it more realistic and use the waypoints thats how real pilots do it just divert to a waypoint. I am sure at some point we will get a proper FMC computer third party or in IF.


Remember FPL’s are the most interesting part and we don’t have much to do in flight at the moment anyway so limiting it even more and making it easier like copy and paste its not really how it should be in a sim.


I’d like to see perhaps a secondary flight plan to back up an approach and/or STAR transition. Say for instance I’m flying KLAX-KBOS and I initially plan on the QUABN2 transition to ILS27 (the QUABN is an older STAR since replaced by JFUND1 at KBOS but the WP are not yet updated in IF) and late in the flight (say during descent) the wind changes and now I’ve gotta switch to the ILS04R transition-I’d love to be able to simply switch around to the transition quickly and as simply as possible.

At virtualBlue we create real world plans and interpolate them to IF formatted copy/paste FPL’s. (See pic) Right now, we’ve gotta make sure that we cover all possibilities and have the pilots aware of the different options which can be tough.

As you can see we’ve got a couple runways covered there. A secondary FPL/storable FPL or FMC will certainly be a great and welcome addition to the realism!


Why would this be necessary?

If approach says that you are going to land at a different runway than you were expecting and you switch to another flight plan to the same airport, approach would still most likely deviate you from your flight plan and you would have to follow their instructions.

If there was no approach frequency, and tower says that you are to land on a runway that you weren’t expecting, there is no harm done on deviating from your flight plan. You can just simply activate the airport leg on your flight plan and just fly the approach to the runway.

This idea would work on Unicom, but you better find out whether the runway you are initially approaching is closed or not before you arrive at that last waypoint where your flight plan would “split.”

That’s just my opinion.

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The purpose that I thought of for the idea is so you could switch approach tracks.

Flight plans aren’t needed to the threshold. No filed flight plan in real life contains them. When told to enter right downwind for a different runway, you don’t need a new flight plan, you just enter downwind. You have a heading (180 from runway heading) and that’s all you need.

Alternatively, you could abstain from trying to predict on the other side of an ocean the exact runway you’ll get when you arrive at your destination airport.


Often times from what I’ve heard from pilot friends, there’s a secondary flight plan that’s updated to bring them back to the airport on departure and then switch runway transitions off of a STAR for arrival. This kind of function would be great in IF. And yes clearly there’s nothing to take you to the threshold-but there are approach waypoints that take you right down the ILS. And there’s no entering a right downwind when the visibility is low-thus you’d need the STAR with a transition to the ILS and having a backup is handy.

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