Create & invite people to a private frequency

I am here for a feature request, in order to make the simulator more realistic and fun.

In real life, pilots of different flights often talk and invite each other to a specific frequency. If this was added, it would be a great feature to contact other pilots!

How it will work:
  • First, in order to crate a frequency, there would be an “Add” button next to the available frequencies menu.

  • Then, after clicking, there would be an “Add user” button. You would click it and type in the other pilots IF username. There can be multiple people.

  • This would create a frequency, and a message will pop up on the screen of the user you invite. They will have to option to accept or decline.

  • If all the users invited decline, the frequency will be deleted. If they accept, a chat box where you can type in stuff will appear when you click the private frequency button. Which is currently obviously unavailable

  • You would be able to exit the frequency anytime.

Possibly a chat report system can be implemented, in order to avoid any possible abuse.

I think this would be a great feature! Don’t forget to pop a vote if you would like to see this!

  • Would love to see this in IF!
  • Maybe, will have a think about it.
  • Not needed at all.

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This would definitely be abused. I can only see this being used with ATC so that I can send a message that isn’t in the UI, eg. if ATC gives me immediate takeoff and I need to backtaxi.


I like the idea a little bit! After all, it is a private chat room, It would be a better way to communicate with your flight crew without an extra device :)

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Thank you for feedback! I am open for any suggestions!

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As I said, you will have to choice accept or decline it, and exit it whenever you want.

Possibly there could be a chat report system.

Could people not just create a group PM on the IFC?

Yes, however

  1. Not everyone is on IFC.
  2. This can also be used like something to talk to people while holding at gate, or lining up, or holding in the air. In these situations, finding and creating an IFC group won’t be appropriate.
  3. Managing 2 devices and switching between them is not very efficient.
  4. Even if they are on IFC, finding them from their IF username is a really hard job.
  5. For events, it would be very cool in my opinion, texting through IF!
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@Luke_King-kong I completely agree

I dunno, seems pretty similar to this.

Yeah, I saw that, however as there is only like 2 lines so I wanted to make this will more detailed as it doesnt really specify what kind.

Yeah. I’m gonna go ahead and say that if custom callsigns aren’t allowed, this probably won’t be a thing either, at least not between pilots. As I’ve said, it is a good idea to be able to send a custom message to ATC (not broadcasting it on frequency).

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I think this thread has a lot more info on how it would work than the other post, it’s also more organized.

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Thanks… I got the flag back

How did you do that?

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The blurring?

For blurring you click the gear symbol option on top right, click blur spoiler and write the text in the given format.