Create a third party “Support” subcategory

Good Evening all! I was browsing through the #thirdparty category and noticed lots of topics regarding help with that third party app. Some of these topics were support topics and were difficult to differentiate between solved or not solved. My proposal is to create a Support subcategory where users can mark the appropriate solution as solved or not. There are multiple topics where we don’t know what happened regarding that problem and it goes unsolved. Hopefully this is considered!



I think this would be very useful 😃


Yeah sounds good 🤓!!


Yeah, I’ve been told off many times for putting third party support under the support category

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The reason it doesn’t exist is because most of the 3rd-party apps have their own way of handling support. Simple as that :)

This forum isn’t really the best place for 3rd-party support.


That doesn’t really exist in any capacity for anything. If you buy a 3rd party part for your car and it is faulty, you contact that company, not the car manufacturer. If your turn-table breaks while trying to spin Helter Skelter backward or something, you don’t contact George Martin. Fender doesn’t support your fuzz pedal.


I would have to disagree. I believe that many people on this forum have experience and knowledge regarding the third party apps. And it also leaves an opportunity for open conversation about issues regarding the app between not just a dev and a person, but also other forum members having similar issues. In some cases a dev may not be able to get to you nearly as quickly, and someone else on the forum may have the answer to your question. Hope I got my point across!


Great explanation and thanks for being supportive of this!


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