Create a logo for my VA

Hey everyone! Can anyone make a awesome logo for my VA? The VA is called AeroEurope, the VA is based in FRA. I would like the logo to be unique and creative! If you create a logo I like, I’ll offer you a high ranking position if you would like! Thanks!


matches the livery i posted


Wow, incredible.

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Do you have any special requests?

Do you have any requirements ie. what it should include?

Here is mine hope you like it

It is not a logo but it is a cool livery

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I just finished one concept for your VA, hopefully, you like it, the color on the logo this time I use 4 colors from the palate color from Lufthansa. If you don’t like it, let me know, I will try to make the other again.

And one more with small FRA ATC Tower, maybe if you like this one and want to ask the tower placed in another position, please let me know :D


I like the second one better!


Here is my idea @Hyperavation

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Here’s my attempt.

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Where do you make these

Where did you make these? They look very nice!

I just use Adobe Illustrator :D. Thanks btw!

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Thanks! It will be a potential logo!

Wow! Aweome! Tysm!

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Very cool! I’ll see what my staff team says!

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Not really, as long as it’s creative ;)

Thanks! Good luck for your VA! 🍻

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I’m gonna design one for you


Let me know what you think