Create a "Guided Tutorial"

I think this fits into general, if someone feels differently feel free to move it.

Getting to the point, could/should/will you create a tutorial mode in live that allows users to fly certain traffic patterns before they are able to fly in the Playground server? I know there are countless tutorials here on the forum but not everyone is active here. If users were afforded the opportunity to actually fly a proper pattern it could reduce stress for the more seasoned aviators/controllers.

Not sure if this is a feasible option but its worth a discussion.


I wouldn’t prefer to “force” people to learn how to fly in a traffic pattern to get on playground. I would suggest that it would be and optional tutorial that someone who wants to learn more can do.

That’s what the forums are for! Plenty of tutorials explaining in vast detail, landing procedures/takeoff speeds/pattern instructions/ATC commands.

The best thing for the deva to do would be to add a ‘Tutorial’ option on the menu UI, directing the user to the forums ‘tutorial’ category.

All the best.