Create a Cheaper and More ATC-Based Pro Subscription

Create a Cheaper, ATC Based Subscription Package

As we all know, there is a large community/organization on Infinite Flight who play primarily for the Air Traffic Control game mechanics. Myself included, there are a lot of us who also think that the subscription service, or Pro is much too expensive for our paper-thin bank accounts. Thus, for the people who choose, I have decided to propose a much cheaper subscription type for Infinite Flight based solely on the ATC element.

How Will This Work?

Primarily, this will work by taking out things that are not related to ATC. For example, removing pro unlockable aircraft (or some aircraft varying on the decision), removing the ability to spawn aircraft into live servers, and removing other certain parts needed to fly. This does not include ATC Cameras, which would still allow you to see the planes/other players in-game. Then, simply make it more ATC Oriented. For example, only being able to spawn into ATC positions, and expand the capabilities of what the Air Traffic Controllers can do.

Additionally, things such as Vocal Air Traffic Control could be added. While this could pose a problem in terms of trolling, it would be beneficial and a clearer form of communication rather than the drop down like menus we have now. Alternatively, extra forms of ATC could be added, such as TRACON and more extensive centers. New abilities could be put on the table, and in general could be more beneficial for both IF Developers and IF ATC users.


1 Month - $9.99

6 Months - $49.99 

1 Year - $79.99

Pricing could also change for the subscription would also be changed. Rather than pricing it at $9.99 per month, $49.99 per 6 months, or $79.99 per year. The ATC Subscription would instead be slashed into $2-5 a month, $15-25 per 6 months, or $30-45 per year. This, not only, would cut down costs for a subscription for people who cannot afford the main one. It would also allow more and more people to play IF for a much cheaper price, even though they would not be flying. This provides beneficial for the staff members too, as it allows IF LLC to run their servers faster, cleaner, and cheaper.*

1 Month - $2-5

6 Months - $15-25

1 Year - $30-45

On top of that, IFATC could get reduced prices with special price codes as they are a necessity due to their status in Expert Server and helping to run it. However, this could also be not included or changed as it would pose a potential problem in terms of servers.

*Note, I do not know how much it takes IF to run their global servers, so this is statement not completely accurate.

Why Would This be Good for IF?

This would be something very beneficial to both IF as a company and IF as a player base. By cutting back on the costs of the subscription, and focusing solely on the ATC elements, we can create a much larger player base. This is a completely optional thing too, and would allow for ATC users who cannot afford the mainline subscription to be able to afford the ability to do ATC in the first place. We can also focus on development for ATC as well, such as adding new ATC positions and features for the future.

I believe, that with good work, and your support, we can make Infinite Flight both cheaper and better for the pilots, and the ATC as a whole. Not only for us players, but for the staff and company alike.

That’s actually a really good idea! I like it. The original reason I bought Infinte Flight was for ATC. I used to spend hours at a time on tower at EGLL on the Training Server. After a few months I started flying too and loved it. I’ll free up a vote for this!


I love this idea! It certainly involves everyone and allows the whole community to be included. Although you mentioned about the trolls and other possible bugs with the vocal atc I think it could create many new possibilities and I’m definitely all for it 👀


I should have mentioned that ATC grades would still be kept in effect, however, there would be no continuously needing to be met requirements for the grades. IFATC credentials, such as a database of controllers would also need to be put in, such as linking your account with the IFC (such as verifying that you are IFATC) to allow for access into Expert server would be a beneficial idea.


I suggested making ATC free for the training server a few years ago, however it was not popular with staff. Though I really like this idea tbh


It mostly has to do with server maintenance costs. It would not be a good financial investment to make ATC free.


I really do like this idea, how ever it still costs infinite flight the same to run and maintain their servers so I don’t really see a reduced subscription in the near future. I would tend to think that most people find infinite flight for the aspect of the flight simulation aspect.


So would you not have a camera because you didn’t pay to see the aircraft? I’m not sure that would work.

An offline practice mode is way more appealing to me, and could give people a taste for what controlling is like. Like solo for ATC.

  • Aircraft pitching machine that throws aircraft at you on base or wherever you’d like so you can practice ILS clearance timing and other approach types as Radar
  • Simulated airspace to practice handling higher workloads on any frequency, ramps up the amount of traffic a few minutes at a time
  • etc.

Wow. That would literaly be amazing… But again the cost of developing this with staff pay etc. TS works good for this.


While I like the idea, I honestly don’t think its feasible or fair to have ATC/IFATC members paying 25-50% of the price that those who fly are putting up. I understand more time and therefore money gets put into aircraft design, ATC receives more than its fair share of updates and additions each year.

As @Trio said, a training tool which actually works as a “fun side game” would entice more people into ATC and eventually IFATC but I see ALOT of IFATC guys and girls aviating at all times of day, they don’t restrict themselves to ATC and I bet youll be down to the single digit percentages if you did a poll of those who only control Vs those who do both.

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Well this would be a good Idea since some people isn’t interested in ATC control and could reduce the price of the normal pro sub

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Thank you!

Going to bump this, because I can.

wow discount for IFATC? no i do not agree


Well, it kind of makes sense. As they apply to be ATC, and train for it.

If Im honest, they should just make the whole subscription cheaper, right? That would be best for everyone…

Im not sure if I agree with this. Infinite Flight is marketed as a flight simulator and not a controlling simulator. The controlling aspect happens to be in the flight simulator though which is another perk of purchasing a subscription and may get more customers to purchase Pro. People who are looking for a controlling simulator can search up for one but IF is a flight sim and in my opinion shouldn’t be making other subscription models for something it doesn’t market itself as.


Agreed with @Asher. I think it would be better if it’s something like these:

Cheaper pro sub to unlock
• All aircraft
• more regions to fly
(Like one airport in every continent instead of being stuck with LAX, SFO and EHAM. I’m not sure if more airports are added to non-pro as I don’t play IF in non-pro version)

Cheaper pro sub won’t unlock:
• NO Live servers
• offline flying only
• NO global flying
(I know you said you talked about that the most but IF is a flight sim game not and not ATC game)

I remember back in the early days when I wasn’t earning and I really just wanted to try new aircraft and it was locked with pro sub 😅. I would surely like to see this feature as I know it will be really helpful for some people I know.

This can just be another pro plan along side the regular pro subscription

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But isn’t it better if there is only ONE subscription that unlocks everything? I personally think that and I wrote the same thing on another features request which was about another subscription. I hate games (or sims in this case) which has so many different subscriptions

No, what the proposal suggests (if I understood correctly) is to pay less to have less access (less access in this case = almost only being able to ATC)