Creatable liveries

So, we’re all asking for new liveries. I think it’s way to much for the devs to handle. Why not, when requesting a livery, provide a texture file. Maybe if we were able to access the texture files and ‘paint’ on them, we could have them approved and added to the game. Just an idea. I don’t have high hopes though. Example:

Something like that. To add liveries too. Like in FSX, XP11 or P3D.

Firstly… The instance of trolling and offensive material.
This is way too much power to hand to a 13 year old that’s just discovered memes

Secondly, copyright. You can’t just take any livery and reproduce it in game, same as you can’t always use an airline logo for a VA

This is an idea that has been suggested before, I don’t think it’s ever going to happen


Although this would be nice, it will probably never happen. Not while on mobile anyways, maybe if it becomes a desktop sim someday

If Infinite Flight ever wanted to entertain this, I’d think that something similar to the airport editing team would need to be created for livery making so there could be some level of quality control. But they already have an amazing team that make quality liveries, so is it a need, no, those people pump those things out, their work really is not a appreciated enough. Is it a want, yes.

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I think we all want this, but it has been reported countless times that it will not happen as of now…

Good idea 👍

I actually created a topic with this idea a while ago, so I guess this is a duplicate.

My opinion regarding that suggestion has changed a little. However, I see that there are a lot of people still supporting something like that. That’s why I don’t want it to be closed 😊