Crcoli737's ATC Tracking Thread - Wish me luck! - Closed @ KSMO

ATC Thread Open @ KICT

Applying for IFATC July 3rd! Looking for some feedback.

Original Topic Shows Current Airport information and ATIS data.

How much longer will you be open?

Prolly 15 more minutes

Feedback - All Nippon 007VA

I have no issues , good transition , and good you noticed I was inbound for landing and not for touch and goes .

Have an good rest of your day !

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Thanks! Glad you came!

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Sorry I couldn’t make it, feel free to tag me for future sessions!

Hey guys! I’m open at Morgantown!

Come fly with me!

Open at Morgantown again!

Written Test is passed this time!

Hope to see you there.

Taking a break for a bit.

Last Session before practical!

Hey guys. This is my last session before I take my Practical exam!

Feedback is appreciated!

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