Crcoli737's ATC Tracking Thread - Wish me luck! - Closed @ KSMO

Thread Closed for now, taking my Practical Exam soon, re-reading the ATC manual.


I’ll come in 5 minutes:)


I’ll stop by but you also have to pass the written test not just the practice test

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I think that the written test will be easier than the practical because you won’t have as much of a time constraint. Also, 10L is for arrivals only, but I’ll let this one slide LOL.

The transition altitude you gave me was a bit low. If the elevation of the KPIT is 1204 feet you would add 2500 then round to the nearest 500 so the transition altitude should have been 4000. And you don’t have to wait to give me a pattern sequence. Also Why did you tell me to turn base? You were supposed to tell me cleared for the op runway 10C. Good session though

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There was an aircraft to your 7 o’ clock who was less than 3nm and less then 1000ft and I was trying to maintain separation, but the aircraft eventually climbed to transition so.

You could have told me to extend downwind

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Alright, thank you for the feedback!

Thanks I as well am training for IFAtc

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Hello mate! Thanks for the service, i have some feedback regarding your session today. I was under the callsign G-KEDZ. Look below for the coming feedback/advice:


  • [16:32:18] Nice give way to allow Southwest 962 to safely pass ahead of me. Showing good ground awareness!

  • [16:33:44] Good line up and wait behind Southwest 962 to expedite my departure.

  • [16:42:23] Great sequence behind D-ONEY. Showing partial knowledge of sequencing.

Areas in need for improvement:

  • [16:33:14] Hold short was incorrectly used in this situation.

  • [16:33:40] No direction with takeoff clearance.

  • [16:40:24] Very late clearance, i was about to call G/A and was around 1nm from the threshold.

  • [16:42:01] Incorrect use of available command/s for runway change.

  • [16:43:29] Late clearance. In addition to this, you cleared me to land and not for the option.

  • [16:47:59] Late runway exit.

Comments for the future:

  • [16:33:14] Hold short was incorrectly used as mentioned. This must only be used when an aircraft is first in line for departure. As i was second in line for departure and the plane ahead had not been given for takeoff clearance or line up and wait, i must be given ‘Your number 2 for departure.’

Find out more from the section of the atc manual linked below:

  • [16:33:40] I was given no takeoff direction with clearance. When remaining in the pattern, you must provide the aircraft in the pattern a direction so they know what direction to go to fly the pattern. This also gives you control over your airspace so you know where each plane will go. So in essence, i should have been given ‘Cleared for takeoff runway 10C, make left/right traffic’. This obviously depends on what runway you would of directed me to, whether it would be 10R or 10L.

  • [16:40:24] Very late clearance for the option. In the future, i highly suggest clearing at early downwind/ late crosswind. I had to report my position because of this mistake.

Find out more from the section of the atc manual linked below:

  • [16:42:01] Wrong runway change command usage. Instead of telling me to turn crosswind, you must issue a pattern entry for any aircraft which requests a runway change. If there had been upwind conflict, you can issue me ‘Extend upwind, i’ll call your crosswind’ but there was none. I should have been given ’ Enter left/right downwind runway 10L, number 2 traffic to follow is on left downwind’. You sequenced me separately behind D-ONEY, to make your life easier try to include it in the runway change command.

  • [16:43:29] Late clearance. As mentioned, give me the clearance for the option early downwind/ late crosswind. You also cleared me to land, this was incorrect. Clearing me for the option allows me to touch and go, stop and go and land, so you should of issued me ‘Number 2, cleared for the option runway 10L’. I had to full stop because of this.

  • [16:47:59] Late runway exit, issue me it at 70kts as i was a commercial airliner. For turboprops and other G/A aircraft, issue this at 40kts.

Find out more from the section of the atc manual linked below:

Anyways, thanks for the session. You show some decent knowledge of ATC commands, keep up the hard work!

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  • Low transition altitude, you gave 2,500. Your pattern altitude is 2,700. So you need to ensure I have minimum altitude separation with the aircraft within your pattern. A transition altitude of 3,500ft or 4,000ft would’ve been best. As you saw the almost mid-air collision with D-ONEY & Endeavor 1923.

  • Endeavor 1923 needs a pattern entry first before being cleared (16:54:58). “Enter right downwind 10C.”

  • G-NOAH & D-ONEY both didn’t need speed commands (16:57:03 & 16:57:31). Sequencing would’ve solved everything in this situation. So, you could’ve said “G-NOAH #2 traffic to follow is on left downwind” as he begun to make his crosswind turn. As in the picture below:

  • When I announced inbound (16:39:21), you issued a clearance with no pattern entry. Remember, all inbounds must be issued a pattern entry first before receiving a clearance. So in this situation, you should’ve issued me a left downwind entry for 10L.

  • Upon G-KEDZ requesting to change to 10L, you issued a “turn crosswind” command (16:42:01). A turn crosswind command is not needed in this situation. Aircraft requesting a runway change need a pattern entry first. So, a “enter left/right downwind” command should’ve been used first.

Here’s some areas in the manual you should review. A lot of your mistakes are explained in the manual Introduction | Infinite Flight.

Read section 3.3 Inbounds which covers pattern entries, sequencing & runway changes.

Read section 3.4 Pattern work which covers the explanation of transitions & how to deal with them. 3.4.2, 3.4.3 & 3.4.4 covers my 1st bulletin in my feedback.

Keep up the good work & looking forward to seeing your name come across the recruitment notification when you apply!

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Hello, callsign 3A-SON

Thanks for the service here’s the feedback:

  1. incorrect transition at 3000ft; correct transition should be 4000ft, here’s calculation formula👉 (Airport Elevation around to next 500 + 1500 pattern altitude + 1000ft free space) so KPIT is 1204ft round to 1500ft + 1500 + 1000 = 4000ft

2.You must give pattern entry to all inbound aircraft(enter left/right base downwind or enter straight in), clearance should go after pattern entry
3. you should tell CC-NPR to extend downwind avoid bust with me

I suggest watch your replay after and review our feedbacks to get those error fixed during next session


I’m going to open @KAUS if you want to stop by

Thank you all for the feedback! I’ll watch my replay and take note of what I could have done better.

Can’t come i’m afraid.

Hi there,

I’m Marina (Endeavor 1923), an IFATC specialist!

I just did some pattern work at KPIT. I just want to say that I think that what you are doing is great :) Here is my feedback (none of this is intended to hurt your feelings, only to help you improve. You got this and I look forward to seeing you in IFATC):

  • Transitions were 1000ft too low. The field elevation is around 1500ft, so pattern work should be at around 2500ft. In order to maintain proper 1000ft separation, transitions need to be at or above 3500ft

  • All inbounds/runway changes require a pattern entry instruction in addition to a clearance. For example: Endeavor 1923, enter right downwind runway 10C.

  • You need to sequence. When you have multiple planes on a single runway, sequencing must be used to ensure that pilots are able to maintain proper separation. It can be given with a pattern entry as well.

  • If someone calls inbound for landing, you should give landing clearance instead of option clearance.

  • Someone in the pattern should not have to call inbound for clearance to land to get clearance. It should be anticipated and given no later than the base leg!

  • A plane can start takeoff roll as soon as the plane ahead rotates. There was no need for a LUAW clearance for me.

  • Finally, a small thing. When you gave me exit clearance, you said that I should turn left. What if my gate was to the right? Just give the “any” clearance and let the pilot make the decision.

Overall, you have a long way to go. I would definitely read the ATC manual when you can. A lot of this information is in there. I even go back to it occasionally. I hope you have a great day!

From, Marina


Open Now! At KMGW, see original post for airport information and remarks.

I will fly a few touch and gos.

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ATC Thread is Open at Anchorage!

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