Crazy winter day in Alaska!

Anchorage International Experienced about two feet of snow fall today. Due to this TSAIA had a very hard time keeping up with clearing the taxi ways, at my company we had to cancel flights since we were snowed in. Lynden Air Cargo who is one of our neighbors operating the C-130H said “Nope not going taxi through two feet of snow”. Several accidents took place due to the snow including a de icing truck rolling over. But my favorite thing that took place was this jet that decided go off roading (We are working on getting video of it) DOT failed to clear the last 100ft of taxi way as this Gulfstream came in and they turned to late going into a ditch, but by some insane thinking the pilot full throttled out. Myself, the company DO and Chief pilot all watched in amazement and just could not believe our eyes when the Gulfstream powered out!


You guys are lucky - we rarely get snow in the UK :( - I would give anything to be in that amount of snow

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We rarely get this much snow!

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Northhhh Texasssss

Anyways, looks like there were quite a few delayed flights in ANC but not too many.


The airport did not get shut down so they kept their record going!

North Carolina - The only place where we get snow, but we hardly ever get snow that actually stays on the ground.

Aside from that, really cool to see 2 feet of snow. It must’ve been cool to see the Gulfstream go full-throttle. And I hope the driver of the de-icing truth was ok after it flipped over though.

It’s rare for you to get snow but Vegas gets no snow at ALL.

Besides the 2 inches we got in the valley last February

hey you um, wanna donate some snow to DFW maybe 😉

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You all can have it

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