Crazy winds

Hi everyone! I’m kind of worrying about my flight, I’ve had to descend to 18,000 feet in my Aeromexico B777-200ER. There are going down quite a lot but my flight time is still very high compared to what it should’ve been.

Any suggestions for this?

These are 101-150 knots of winds.

At cruise these winds are perfectly fine and normal, you’ll be more affected the lower you go.

Alright, I found out that it actually was better lower as higher it was getting to 160 knots. I’ll be sure to cruise back up!

It’s called a jetstream. It happens across the world, quite a bit on Eastern America, and especially over the Northern Atlantic, which is why flights going westbound take longer than East.


Amazing, I thought jetstreams weren’t as bad as what I was experiencing but thanks for the help. Currently back at cruise over the azores gone back up to 105 knots but I’ll ride it out.

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Infinite flight winds and weather follow real life’s ones so you can check some app for winds to avoid them or to know what awaits you👍🏻 is very helpful


Winds are nothing to worry about, and you don’t need to descend because of them. If they come with turbulence (which is not necessarily the case) descending or climbing might help, but you would normally stay above 30000 feet in cruise on most flights.

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Agreed, he’s right


Okay, thanks for all of your help everyone. Clearly I am still learning the basics! :)

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Yeah , and the lower you go, you’ll go slower anyway. You’ll also burn more fuel so I wouldn’t recommend that on a long haul!

Thanks for letting me know, you guys have been great help. I’ll get used to all the winds eventually.

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