Crazy Winds Over Japan

I was just recently crusing at 34,000 feet testing out the DC-10 when i encountered winds ranging from 170-205kts. Just thought I would let you all know if anyone was interested, was indeed pretty hectic having it slam into my nose.

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@schyllberg winds eh?


Easterly? Or westerly?

The winds are facing east from Japan.

51 AM


Winds over Japan are always easterly. Which is bad for my current flight from RJAA-RCTP.

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I have found looking at windy before flights it’s where the strongest winds are

Hey, these were the winds I was telling @schyllberg about!

Most winds globally apart from tropics are strong western

Northern hemisphere blows east southern tend to blow more west.

also i had the 180kt ish winds blowing northerly in japan

It think it’s actually both West I got it mixed up

You were actually right the first time.

OPPs lol it’s 11 at night here 😂

Yeh I’ve heard that but I am yet to see the winds in the Southern hemisphere blow to the west

around France and through the English channel I had wind from 90-180kt at 36000ft! but I believe its dropped to 100