Crazy winds in SoCal

Hey guys, so I was flying in the SoCal region when all of a sudden the wind speed went to 80+ knots and was completely out of the blue! I live in SoCal and have heard no word of high winds today. Has anyone else had this issue? Here are some details on my Phone and IF

Infinite Flight= Latest update
Iphone 6
IOS 10.3.0

*I don’t know if this is just a strange glitch or if the sim got some random weather conditions. I ended up crashing due to the very strong winds. I just want an explanation to make sure that this won’t happen again! thanks!

Might have just been windy mate

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Thanks for the support message. Occasionally the weather generator may have a faulty reading where the user experiences extreme winds. In some cases it’s accurate, others it’s not. This can always be used as a fun challenge nonetheless.