Crazy Wind @ World’s Fair Marina | Plane Spotting at KLGA | October 21, 2018


Hey everybody! Today I went plane spotting at KLGA airport. It was extremely windy and cold, but I went anyway. I have plenty of shots to share with you all.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5

Delta Airbus A319

American Airbus A321

United Airbus A319

Delta Embraer E175

Spirit Airbus A320 NEO

Delta CRJ-900

American ERJ-145 (old colors, these are becoming very rare)

American Boeing 737

Delta Boeing 717

And Finally, a view of KLGA from the Marina, with an American 737 going around!

That’s all everyone! As much as I would love to share 30+ more photos with you, Spotting topics are limited to 10. I hope you enjoyed these photos! They are definitely a large improvement from my older shots.

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What do you think of these photos?


Really nice pics man! What camera did you use?


Nice shots! Amazed that you managed to survive the conditions outside I’m freezing at home.

Not for me, I see these everywhere lol


Oh! I can’t believe I forgot to mention the Camera! I used a Canon EOS Rebel T5. The lens is only 18-55 mm.

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If you see those everywhere, then you are quite lucky. They are being repainted into the American Eagle livery. Lol

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I was in bed all day cause of the cold, I,don’t know how you managed!

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That’s an E175 (the enhanced winglets)

Well, its a NEO, to get technical

Great Job on the photos. Google KLGA spotting guide for awesome locations.

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Thanks for the correction, I thought it was a NEO but I wasn’t sure.

You can always go around

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I honestly don’t know why it went around, probably wind.

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