Crazy wind simulation?

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I noticed that while flying certain aircraft, especially smaller ones much like A320 and 737-800s, the winds near cruising altitude rock the airplane around really crazily. I’m just wondering if that’s intentionally that way? I’m quite certain the plane doesn’t get rocked around by winds at cruising altitude in real life. My question is that is it a bug or a thing that needs to be improved on or just a simulator quirk i guess…?


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Welcome to the community!! I have also noticed that. I believe it is the sim

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Whatever your feeling in the air is most likely what’s actually happening there in real life. The aircraft your flying handles these certain situations as they would in real life with them with realistic physics and outcomes to things like this. High winds are common at higher altitudes and affects certain aircraft differently as they would in real life.


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Yea I have this to, one time I even had 150 knot tailwind lol. I usually let it be because it gets me where I want to go faster

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