Crazy Weather Down in GA

Hey guys, head down to GA. You could get some in ATL but a tornado just touched down close to KLGC. Might be some fun weather around here to fly in. 😆✌️🌬️

I’m confused about what flying in extreme winds has to do with SIDs and STARs.


I’m sorry. Idk why that title auto filled. Was worrying about the tornado to check. I’ll fix it. Got some nice pics of clouds and a small tornado that touched down nearby.

Video of a small vortex right down the street from my job.

There is no video

Just uploaded it. Probably still rendering.

Damage to a house near some family not far from my work.

Yes I just took off from ATL and have 69 winds

Seems to work for me now. Try refreshing.

It’s pretty nasty down here right now. We’re still under tornado watch until 21:00z

I’m beginning my decent in 200 winds

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Now in 59 winds

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That ain’t no small vortex that’s a full blown tornado my man I’m a weather nerd and that’s not small


I’ve got another video I’ll try to upload shortly of a coworker in the middle of it. It may or may not have the audio from “goat screaming” dubbed over it 😅
He got blown into a ditch, the truck behind him rolled over, and the car behind them had all their windows busted out.
The one I posted yesterday made the news.

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