Crazy visibility

Approaching Redmond Oregon



Good photos. I love that this aircraft has a wing view on board. I really do love the cabin view, too. I’d wish to see this feature in the future. :)

Hey there, next time try to add more detail and description to each photo

Not sure how much more description can be added… ever hear the term a picture is worth 1,000 words? This might be that 😉

No, not that long lol. Just relevant information that we may like

Alright I’ll give it my best shot here I go.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are flying an approach to Redmond, Oregon. If you look out the window to your right or left you’ll see nothing but mabye a mountain top or two that we may…probaly run into because of poor visibility 😶. Flying American Airlines in a CRJ…700?

Visibility is 0, temperature is 0, passengers are 0…judging by looking at the aircraft window seats