Crazy Vertical speeds of cargo planes.

Why do some cargo planes like at 6000ft/min

Because they don’t have screaming passengers at the back and need to get from A to B asap :)


Where did you get this info from?

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It might seem like they’re climbing at that rate of vertical speed, but they are really not. If I recall correctly, they only climb at high vertical speeds when they’re carrying no cargo. Otherwise, they’ll climb normally.

Well, a Cargo ATR72 climbs between 500-1500ft/min.

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The fact is this doesn’t happen not even on larger aircraft like the 747-8F they climb and descend normally however they could do slightly more than usual because of no pax.


Exactly my point

737’s do that too. I think of all planes I know, the 737 has the fastest climb rate.
@lollip, that’s true, I won’t want to be in that cockpit tho.😀 I think when passengers are onboard, to ensure a smoother ride descending too steeply isn’t recommend. It should be at the worst, -2000ft/min

To get out of Ground-Level-Turbulence to make sure no fragile cargo gets affected.

As far as I know, the 757 and the 717 climb faster than any other jetliner (following normal procedures).


I dont think thats true. Probaly because of the Afganistan 747 cargo plane that crashed

That is the pilot’s worst nightmare. Even we as passengers affect the centre of gravity of the plane, so just imagine a huge cargo load loosing straps.