Crazy unrealistic winds in london

The winds at EGTC are 65 kts In real life they are 7kts

This has been fixed now but it was weird.

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Omg I’m coming

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Wait for the metar to update

I think there is an error in the weather station

As all other stations around it are 6-10 mph

Still there?

No, someone must of noticed and changed it

Awwww too bad. 😔 Bring them back Devs!!

The METAR is taken from a real life weather source. It wasn’t a bug and no one fixed it they METAR just updated. The METAR changes depending on different airports you fly to so there was probably a lot of wind near the location of your aircraft.

umm check @AdamCallow post which shows the Metar readings around the UK… def a bug…but with Metar rather than IF!

I live not far from LHR and confirm it was a beautiful day yesterday with light winds, perfect day for flying!


When I say fixed I meant that someone who works at the weather station worked out that there was not 70mph winds outside.


You should check the winds aloft too

iF takes WX (at the moment) from local ground metar rather than taking into account aloft winds or the jet stream. Maybe when global comes out it will change?

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