Crazy? TAP Portugal Adds New Long-Haul Flights To Cancun, Cape Town, & Toronto

Probably the worst time to add new routes?

TAP Portugal is adding three new long-haul routes to Cancun, Cape Town, and Toronto.


The Portuguese flag-carrier has apparently decided to load three new long-haul routes, all set to begin later this year.

1. TAP launches Lisbon to Cancun

TAP Portugal will be launching 3x weekly flights between Lisbon and Cancun starting October 27, 2020 using the Airbus A330-900neo.

This flight to Cancun will be the airline’s only flight to Mexico. TAP will face competition from carrier “Orbest”.


TP176 Lisbon to Cancun departing 9:35 AM arriving 3:00 PM - Tue, Thu, Sat
TP177 Cancun to Lisbon departing 4:30 PM arriving 6:30 AM (+1 day) - Tue, Thu Sat

The flight doesn’t seem to be bookable just yet.

2. TAP launches Lisbon to Cape Town

TAP’s next long-haul route is Lisbon to Cape Town, South Africa.

This flight will operate 3x weekly from November 11, 2020, using the A330-900neo.

This will be the only direct flight between Lisbon and Cape Town. I’m pretty sure it’s the only direct flight between Portugal and South Africa.


TP275 Lisbon to Cape Town departing 10:30 AM arriving 11:40 PM - Sun, Wed, Fri
TP276 Cape Town to Lisbon departing 2:05 AM arriving 11:30 AM - Mon, Thu, Sat


3. TAP launches Ponta Delgada to Toronto

TAP Portugal will be launching a new transatlantic flight from Ponta Delgada in the Azores to Toronto.

This PDL-YYZ flight will operate 2x weekly from June 25, 2020 using the A321LR.

This is a pretty interesting flight as it will be TAP’s second “long-haul” flight out of the island following its Ponta Delgada to Boston flight, which is set to launch on June 4, 2020 also using the A321LR.

TAP will compete against Azores Airlines, which already flies to both Boston and Toronto from Ponta Delgada.


P261 Ponta Delgada to Toronto departing 3:40 PM arriving 6:30 PM - Sun, Thu
TP258 Toronto to Ponta Delgada departing 9:25 PM arriving 7:20 AM (+1 day) Sun, Thu

This flight is already bookable on TAP’s website.



TAP A321N: CS-TJK | Airbus A321-251N | TAP Air Portugal | Kelvin Jahae | JetPhotos
TAP A330neo: CS-TUI | Airbus A330-941 | TAP Air Portugal | LazaroEdu | JetPhotos
TAP A330: CS-TOW | Airbus A330-343 | TAP Portugal | Marek Horak | JetPhotos

Really not the best choice given the worldwide circumstances?

What are your thoughts on TAP’s ambitious new plans? Do you think these routes will actually launch on-time given the worldwide circumstances?


I don’t really think this is gonna happen, considering the time it took the Chinese aviation industry a while to bounce back, I don’t think there will be demand for these flights.

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This plan likely will be postponed or shelved altogether. Time will tell.

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With what’s happening now, this can easily backfire. I suggest they wait until this does down.

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These are some cool routes but not the best time to announce it!

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I think these new routes are going to be popular but not right now

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They have stopped operations though. Can’t find any of their flights on FlightRadar24 and they posted this video a few days ago.

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Yess 6:30 PM arrival finally can get TAP in daylight, if this even happens


Yeah, looks like they’re only running some repatriation and cargo flights.

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So apparently Ponta Delgada to Toronto was bookable for the past 2 weeks.

Looks like they even had an error fare for as low as $98 USD round trip.

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Never heard about that one before to be honest.

I honestly can’t really see this making any sense economically after reading the Lufthansa Group outlook for the summer months. But TAP is an ambitious airline and offers a pretty good product from what I saw on YouTube. Well have to wait and see!

Thanks for the well made post!

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