Crazy Story "Fire and Infinite Flight"

Crazy story. I was on IFC in my hotel room bc im on vacation and then out of nowhere the loudest sirens I have ever heard started to blare and a voice saying “FIRE FIRE EXIT THE BUILDING” my whole family starts to run out of the building and i get so scared. But I was halfway down the hall then i realized i cant let my phone burn up i play Infinite Flight and cant live without it. aaaaaand I was in the middle of a flight from the Saudi Event so i had to go back and grab my phone lol. In the end I ran down 10 flights of stairs for a false alarm smh.


:pensive: lol rippp


priorities…lol…hope the fam were little else other than slightly and momentarily scared


Yeah no. Infinite Flight has a reset button your life does not. Please, please leave your belongings behind, god knows what would have happened if it was real. There is dedication and then there is insanity. Stay safe bud.


You could have died, I can’t believe this. All good my friend, but be careful because the next one might not be a drill.

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Props to you for getting your phone.

Yeah, next time, it’s better to focus on your life than Infinite Flight.


There are billions of phones in the world and only one of you. Even if it was a false alarm I wouldn’t risk running 10 flights of stairs to get it.


I’ll take things that didn’t happen for $1000.


I’m glad it turned out to be a false alarm! But I have a suggestion @RAH:

Can we add “If the building is (potentially) on fire, you may abandon your flight.” to the User Guide please?

Topic closed because we shouldn’t encourage people to potentially put themselves in danger just to save their flight. As said though, I’m glad that it was a false alarm and that you’re all okay 😊