CRAZY REALISM! ITA Airways A350 | San Francisco to Rome_EXPERT SERVER

A VERY Different Infinite Flight Experience |


Hey all, I hope you are well and enjoying the weekend! I know there are quite a few looong-waited plane spotting videos but, TRUST me, they are coming! Although, this isn’t a spotting video but I hope it makes the wait worth it. I’ve spent many long nights to get it out the door and I’m thrilled to finally release it. Two pilots made it into the film without even trying, so a big shoutout to @Kabinet and @pilot_huezo for giving more life to my scenes. Thank you all in advance and looking forward to your thoughts and comments. More to come in due corse. Cheers!


Looking foward to this one


I hope you enjoy it!!

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I guess I saw your video on YouTube, plane spotting in rain effect


Yeap, rain effects was only the beginning :)

What an incredible video, fully demonstrating the simulation and beauty of aviation in Infinite Flight

Congratulations, a job very well done!


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Amazing, reminds me of Just Planes!

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Incredible @Kostas_K ! What a nice and ultra realistic video ! I have to say do whilst you were in the air the ground graphics looked a bit like Aerofly FS 2023 graphics


I have commented in IFC and in your video but

I must say…
This is the best flight simulator content I have seen. It’s the effects, and the moving of the camera, as well as ATC sounds, that makes it so real
It’s like in real life.
What an exquisite piece of masterpiece
Please, keep up the good work.🔥


So, then, putting clouds on my photos won’t make them be taken down?

My posts are nothing compared to this 🔥

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Thank you mate! Much appreciated :)

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I have used quite a lot of sounds from them :P

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I share a bit more details about my editing what sources I have used in some shots in the description on YT. Aerofly does have incredible sceneries though :)

Can’t thank you enough for your support! Thank you!

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Haven’t seen any of yours but I would like to! Thank you!

Hey, I have a question, are clouds allowed on the screenshots and videos category? It would be really useful for me.
(Editing photos rn)

Not really sure what to say here. I never had an issue but all my shares are through a YouTube link and not uploaded straight here. Maybe the rule for no clouds etc is subject to posts on the community directly. But I could be wrong though

Ok, thanks!

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Videos are awesome as always @Kostas_K Keep it up! Requesting a Turkish Airlines video ;) Event on the 5th of October