Crazy plane at KDEN

Hello IFC,
So a few minutes ago at KDEN I was taxiing to the gate after I had just landed and there were these two 747’s ready to taxi, both of them started going and the plane behind the first one proceeded to cut In front of the other in a crazy way. I don’t think this behavior should be tolerated on the EXPERT server.
I have screenshots etc

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Hi there,
Unfortunately there will be some trolls on expert Server.

If you feel like this person should be taken care of by staff, you can contact a Moderator with your information, along with who the person’s display name is, and they will try and figure out who he was and take appropriate action :)


I just had a similar experience at SAEZ. Can “Plane Crazy” please DM me? Thanks!

@PlaneCrazy ?

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Great, thank you!

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