Crazy Late Takeoff From St. Maarten

Everyone probably knows about the famous and crazy low landings at St. Maarten (SXM) Airport.

(Image by Fred BOUREAU)

Typically, landings and takeoff occur on Runway 10. However, aircraft will sometimes takeoff from Runway 28 heading towards Maho Beach. When aircraft takeoff from Runway 28, they’ll normally have sufficient runway left after it rotates.


Aeronews just posted some pictures of an World Atlantic Airlines MD-83 that departed St. Maarten yesterday on March 28. The takeoff from the runway was pretty late, to say the least.

Image credits to @AeronewsGlobal and Paul Ellinger.

Those four people on the beach probably had a fun time.


I’m out of likes though, sorry
take a trampoline to this beach lol


Any lower and the people on the beach are screwed…

Good thing it was barely enough to not do anything.

Man that looks scary.

I think we need @TaipeiGuru and his investigative team on this one.

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You can see someone ducking in horror 😂


Yikes, any later and they would’ve been screwed…
Pretty cool though picture-wise

Why such a late rotation with nobody on the airplane lol

It may be carrying a lot of fuel, cargo, or other things.

You never know.

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I would have loved to be on that beach with that takeoff. Man, these people living the dream!


Oh boy… we’re taking a look now. The IFNTSB and the DSB are working in conjunction to find the cause of the incident. ;)

That is a crazy-late takeoff, though. I would kill to be on that beach during that moment…

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That’s a crazy late takeoff, yikes!

The fact that a Super heavy MD-80 takes off so much later than a Boeing 747 does at SXM is just personally insane 😅

That is super late! I’m very surprised that it even made it off the runway in the end.

Your post reminded me of a YouTube video from St. Maarten. The video’s taken from the beach and captures an MD-82 from Insel Air lifting off rather late into the sunset. It’s not as close as the aircraft but it was still cutting it. Here’s the video:


That MD-83 came to KCLT. World Atlantic Airlines Flight 700. Gorgeous landing.

You down to try this?

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What time?


Tbh if that was me I wouldve been scared to death😂

Wow! That doesn’t look the safest…

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I guess the landing was the opposite of the takeoff, late takeoff, perfect landing.

Looks like it happened again, but the takeoff was a bit higher.

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