Crazy Landing Video

This is my


Could you change the title to something a bit more informative. And btw I am not really sure that counts as a landing. Next time try to be slower and lower :-)

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The right wing severed off

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That’s the worst landing I’ve seen in a while… I must say.

What was the wind speed?

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Worst landing i’ve ever seen

Guys it has been said once there is no need to be this negative

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lets not be rude

How am I being rude?

your mean

Guys keep it on topic admittedly this post needs some work but you guys are being excessively negative. If you want to talk further take it to PM

Welcome to the forum Tolu,
If I may, I have some pointers for your next thread:

  • I would make a topic on something that has actual information about aviation. No offense, but a topic with a video of a RyanAir landing is not really worth making a topic over.
  • Add an informative, interactive title.
  • Add some information about what you are posting not just “This is my TURBULENCE LANDING”

I hope this clears things up. :)


sometimes people come across rude. we can try and help him. ys we are all thinking the same it wasnt the best but i bet no one has PMed him saying to do some trainning ect.

Already done ;)

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That looks like an airshow stunt!

That’s not a bad landing according to me. Since it happens in real life.