Crazy Idea for Airport Editors

@matt This is probably the most absurd request you’ve ever received.

What if we had a server that wasn’t showing airports on a globe, but it had fantasy airports built on random terrain on a different server? We could do all kinds of crazy things, the creative guys would come up with awesome designs that don’t exist IRL. Eventually we’d be able to create runways that are elevated, curved vertically or horizontally, or even have the entire runway at an angle?


I love it. You’d still need to make it as a globe, but simply a “new” region. We editors would then make the cool terrain and out fancy airports all in the same “region” on earth. That’d be really cool.
@Swang007 I don’t think your idea is as crazy as the flying unicrons and rainbows one wanted XD

This would badly disrupt the realism of the sim…

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many pilots dissrupt the realism of the sim too…

How about a new planet with crazy flight physics? Planes get sucked into mid-air vortexes, or maybe the gravity is only that of the moon?


LOL, this is a flight simulator not a fantasy land.

No one ever said it was simulating flight solely on planet earth?

It’s a no from me. This is a simulator, not a game, we don’t need crazy worlds - aim for realism :)


It’d be fun! XD I can imagine it now…

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I would be much better at this than editing real airports lol

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