Crazy Fog at EDDL

A good challenge! Fog and low Visability tests your Accuracy with ILS APPR. I rather flying in poor weather conditions as it makes the experience a whole lot better!


That was fun until I got ghosted :p Taxiing was a nightmare, we were in a gridlock! Unfortunately since I was ghosted, I wasn’t able to land in the fog, and it’s midnight here so I’m not allowed to do another flight :/

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@D-ABNJ @ogilbey If it was by IFATC Lucas, Tyler is reversing them.

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I actually landed a 747 when the visibility was at 0.25


That’s what it looked like in the U.K. On Thursday in real life 😂

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I landed there earlier today and the visibility was so low that I had to use auto land .

Dense fog!

Ultra foggy!

I took this picture a few hours ago :D


Just took off from EDDL, crazy fog

Worst visibility I think I’ve ever taxied in. Like trying to taxi blind. Awful! lol I couldn’t see where any taxiways were and ended up guiltily taxing through some terminals accidentally and grass before I found an orange taxi line again.

Just finished doing tight patterns on 23R. Hard but great practice

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Its better now I think

The same thing happened to me too. I ABSOUTLY HATE flying in conditions like this

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You use the mini map and HUD to help glide you down safely :) Practicing that right now!

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I love flying with fog and wind, makes thing interesting

Today is a “Ghosted day”. I’ve been ghosted for 60 min.
Anyway, it’s impossible to taxi away from the runway and find the parkind. There’s not is no indication in the taxiways. Neither of written signs, nor of lights, nor any indications
After landing is better to go offline…

This was a horrible landing, I could not see a thing!

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I would honestly just use APPR. You can’t even see when you are 100 ft high.

If you cannot see at 200 feet in real life you perform a go around